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Jetway's JNC62K (GeForce 8200 mini-ITX) motherboard
Posted by newsbot on May 20th 2008

At under £90 including VAT, the board is certainly good valuefor its size and niche appeal. A good mini-ITX board can easily set youback £150, and usually an Intel mini-ITX board will need to add thecost of a CPU as well. While this doesn't have the grace of a few otherHTPC-orientated mini-ITX boards we've seen (Albatron's AMD 690G withcomponent outputs was especially nice), unless you can find an AMD 780Gbased one we suspect this could make the smallest possible Blu-raycapable machine you can buy (we'd love to see some mods around this).45W or 65W AMD CPU's are exceptionally inexpensive, and literallyanything you buy now will be HD-capable. Yes, the GeForce 8200 did havea fit at VLC and it used nearly 50 percent CPU, however Elephants Dreamis one probably of the most intensive 1080p DivX videos out there sothere's still plenty of overhead before things become a slideshow.If you're unconcerned with size and are interested in IGP performanceinstead, the GeForce 8200 guns ahead into the distance in our realworld general productivity benchmarks compared to the other IGPs—eventhe AMD 780G on the micro-ATX Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H board. However ifyou're buying for video playback performance then the AMD 780G is stillthe one to buy – it's just simply more consistent and quite frankly,AMD still continues to do video acceleration better with more intuitivedrivers and a more consistent UVD-enabled product list.Specifically, is Jetway’s JNC62K worth buying? Absolutely. While it'snot as inexpensive as a micro-ATX board, it is still great value forits size if you’re looking to build a very small home theatre PC. Allin all, it's a very low power and tiny motherboard with HDMI and DVI(with HDCP) and oodles of other features that vary its application. Iteven has a comprehensive BIOS that really surprised us – you'll rarelyfind this elsewhere on mini-ITX, however you wouldn't really want tooverclock on it because of its 65W limitation.Is it worth it over a VIA C7 EPIA or future Atom mini-ITX boards?Again, yes! Just for the general productivity performance alone,regardless of the fact a premium VIA C7 board like the Jetway J7F5M,which comes complete with a 2.0GHz C7, for £163.33 will be moreexpensive than the JNC62K and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4850e 45W CPU, andyou won't even get HDMI or HDCP.The JNC62K is the right balance of efficiency – getting your work donein the minimum amount of time, while using a fraction of the power (andphysical size) a full ATX case labours you with.

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