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Left4Dead hands-on p
Posted by newsbot on May 19th 2008

Left4Dead was always going to be great, that much we knew. Itwas coming from Valve and it was about zombies, so even before it wasunveiled as a four player co-op we all knew we were going to be in fora good time.Yet still, Left4Dead managed to surprise us in a number ofways,for reasons both good and bad. On the one hand we were utterly shockedto see how effective the AI director is at making the game unique andconstantly replayable. On the other hand though, we have to admit thatthe levels we played through did seem a bit on the small side and it’sgetting to that point where the Source engine might be starting to showits age. The thing is four years old by now and thoughcontinued development and expansion has helped, the cause is startingto flag a little. Not that that matters hugely when you get right down to it – as far as Left4Deadgoes gameplay is God and the multiplayer backbone of Steam means thatthe game will run smoothly from the off. As I mentioned to Chet when I interviewed him, Valve has a reputationamong games developers for testing games absolutely to death. What formany designers would be a case a few weeks at the hands of some tiredhalf-asleep geeks is an on-going process of refinement for Valve andit’s something that really shows in Left4Dead. The game is immediately playable and easy to pick up, but underneaththe hood are some incredibly complex and effective tools to make theexperience unpredictable and constantly replayable. This is Left4Dead’skey strength and it makes the game easily one of our most awaited gamesof this year.

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