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Battleforge Interview:Volker Wertich
Posted by newsbot on May 14th 2008

BT:You said“the Battleforge series” just then – does that mean you haveBattleforge 2 planned already?VW:Heh, well since Battleforge is an online game we havea longer life than other games and we’ll continue to work on the gameafter release. We will continuously release new maps, new cardadditions. Depending on the success of the game we may have a very longlifetime or a shorter life time, obviously.That said, we have sequels in mind and our game-plan goes over intoyears. BT:Now, Battleforge is a card-based RTS, but from what I sawearlier it looked very similar to a traditional RTS in that you’recreating units in a normal way and putting them down. How exactly doesBattleforge differ from a standard RTS game then?VW:Ok, so the thing is that the cards can be anything. Avehicle, a room – anything. What it is though is a collectible itemthat you own, ok? A virtual collectible item that you personally own.Having a card lets you then produce those units in a match.You then take twenty of those cards and form a deck that you take intobattle. The deck directly defines any unit, spell or item you take intoa game.Of course, this is a real-time game too. So, as soon as you produce aunit or play a card you have access to these new units which you cancontrol like you’re used to in a normal RTS game. In other words, the cards define your tech tree.

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