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Grand Theft Auto IV
Posted by newsbot on May 13th 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game and although it’s stillvery early in the year, this is obviously going to be a strongcandidate for Game of The Year. It always was, frankly.Yet, there’s still a little niggle of doubt in our ears here –something that says that although Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game,it just isn’t the huge leap forward we all expected it to be. This seedof doubt says that GTA IV is far more an evolution than a revolutionand that that is obviously going to limit the overall impact andimpression of the game.That doubt is true and is utterly justified in what it says when yousit down to really listen to it. Grand Theft Auto is a top-notch game,but it isn’t as mind-blowing and impressive as something like Portal,for example. It’s building on the foundations of previous games in theseries and adding on a few extra features each time – it isn'tcompletely new and fresh itself.That doesn’t make Grand Theft Auto IV any less of a Game of The Yearcandidate and it doesn’t take anything away from the insane amount offun to be had. What it does do though is make the entire experience alittle more predictable; a lot of the time you know what’s comingbeforehand and the first third of everything feels like jumping throughhoops just to meet an old friend.It’s not game-wrecking and it doesn’t detract from how great GTA IV isas a whole, but GTA IV isn’t as original and shockingly good as thefranchise once was. It’s another re-polished and re-tuned iteration ofa proven idea and though the game is definitely a must-buy, it alsoisn’t all that startling.

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