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Bad Company interview with Jamie Keen
Posted by newsbot on May 11th 2008

BT:You’resick of talking about premium content, I bet. But it was kind of agutsy thing to do, you have to admit.JK:<sigh> Yeah. BT:So, I guess – why did you try to do it? And why with thisgame especially?JK:Yeah, so…I think the thing that people need to remember isthat development costs on games these days are huge. So we always needto look at new revenue streams. It’s not just a question of trying torip people off and it’s not just us trying to put one over on people –we genuinely need to y’know…well, at the end of the day it’s abusiness, right? We have to recoup costs and we have to make money. So, there are those kinds of things happening. You’ll probably see moreof that in the years to come. We’ve got nothing more planned at themoment, we’ve listened to the customers and the community is reallyimportant to us. We really want to maintain that two-way dialogue withour fans. So, we’re not going to be doing anything – I mean, we’re givingConquest away as free downloadable content later on. The weapons arenow going to be free – we just hope that the fans see that we’relistening to them.

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