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Corsair VX550W PSU
Posted by newsbot on May 06th 2008

Continually, we find ourselves looking at great Corsair PSUs –the HX,the TX and now the VX have all performed fantastically. The VX550W doesexactly what it says on the tin and even though our model dropped afraction below 80 percent load under significant 3.3V and 5V stress,it's very unlikely they'll ever hit these sorts of values in a real PC.Where it matters the Corsair VX550W works exceptionally well, hittingupwards of 85 percent efficiency throughout the rest of the tests.We'dbe torn between the significant benefits of buying modular, versus theextra cost and slightly lower power. I used the VX550W in my own hometheatre PC for a few months prior to this review and it was nothing butfantastic. In this instance, cable management didn't matter since therewas a large enough case that was designed just to be super-low noise:in that respect it worked perfectly. I even had to install an extracathode it to tell if the system was on or off, simply because it was thatquiet I couldn't hear it unless my head was all of two inches away.Ihad to swap it out for the Thermaltake Toughpower Q-Fan 650W wereviewed before the Corsair and while that quotes just 17dB you'd bevery hard pushed to tell them apart. I'd still prefer to use theCorsair VX550W simply because the cables are better designed (4+4-pinEPS 12V instead of an 8-pin with a 4-pin tail), even though it's notmodular.For any Intel P35/P45 or AMD 770X, 780G based PC with mainstreamcomponents the VX550W should absolutely suffice, but it's not theanswer for everyone – there are a lot more ifs and buts than when welooked at the TX750W. If you do decide to buy a VX550W though, youwon't be disappointed.

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