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Assassin's Creed:Director's Cut
Posted by newsbot on May 05th 2008

Viewed from one angle Assassin’s Creed:Director’s Cut ishonestly a little disappointing. The PC version doesn’t really addanything all that new, doesn’t make the most of the platform andcarries over many of the flaws of the original game. The Director’sCut doesn’t offer any new content except for the new investigations,and these aren’t really all that great. But the game is still quite good.The thing we really like about Assassin’s Creedis how good it is for creating player stories. The open sandbox stylemeans that players can make their own tales in a way that makes thegame great to talk about. There was the time I killed the Mad Doctor of Acre by climbing somescaffolding, assassinating an archer, and climbing down in to thecourtyard of the hospital. I leapt from a nearby chandelier and plungeda knife into his throat, escaping through alleyways with the aid ofsome vigilantes and scholars. It’s wonderful and deliciously emergent,going a long way to address complaints of repetitiveness.In a nutshell, the verdict lies in a balance of these two opposingviewpoints. Is Assassin’s Creed good? Undoubtedly – but the Director’s Cutisn’t a massive improvement over the original. You may well love thenew version more than the original, like we do, but the route of thatpreference won’t be because the game is markedly better on PC. It’ll bebecause your PC is markedly better than a console.

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