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The World Ends With You
Posted by newsbot on April 24th 2008

The World Ends With You is both a fantastically imaginative andhugely derivative game as far as DS RPGs go and the whole thing feelslike a teenage version of Contact what with the intriguing artstyle and obsession with stickers and badges as weapons. There’s two ways to look at The World Ends With You, if you askus. You can look at it in terms of Square Enix and say that, as far astheir history goes, The World Ends With You is a good game, buthardly as remarkable as past titles. Final Fantasy VII this isnot. On the other hand though, if you look at this as far as the DS goes,then this is definitely one of the best RPGs the platform has seen.Yeah, it may not be the next Final Fantasy,but it’s still a great game and the art style that runs through thegame is both striking and adorable. The characters are visuallyarresting and some of the more powerful combos and fusion powers arereally quite cool. The best thing about The World Ends With You though isthat the game manages to be both involving and accessible. There’s anawful lot of information to absorb in the first few hours of play, notleast of which is the combat system, which is hugely fun and franticbut also tough to get to grips with. The game never once feelsoverpowering or dull though and instead pulls players in deeper, thanksto characters that players can relate to and excellent dialogue. The World Ends With You may not quite live up the expectationsof those wanting the next Final Fantasy or KingdomHearts – but those people would probably never be satisfied anyway and,as it is, The World Ends With You is still a fantastic gamethat all DS gamers can easily enjoy.

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