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Wii Fit
Posted by newsbot on April 24th 2008

I say this a lot, but it really is hard to know what to thinkabout Wii Fit.On the one hand it’s obviously great. The hardware has a lot going forit in the future and is just as clever as everything else in the Wii.It’ll help get lard-arses off the couch and on their feet and even ifyou aren’t into fitness then the game itself is still fun for a littlewhile. Yet, on the other hand the balance board is quite expensive, it isstill just another collection of minigames at the most basic level andthe reality is that those lard-arses will play the game every day forabout two weeks at most before going back to exercising their drinkingarm. Sure, that last part is grumpy as hell, but it’s also true. There’sroom for movement, but the vast, vast majority of people willvociferously defend themselves and pledge to play the Wii for hoursevery day – only to let themselves off because they had a hard day atwork. I know. I’m one of those people. Judged on fun and ingenuity, Wii Fit gets top marks. Judged onlongevity and value though, the game suffers horribly at our admittedlygrumpy hands. The decider then goes to the future of the balance board and whetherthe hardware can prove itself useful in upcoming games. If the supportis there then the game and the hardware will flourish – but otherwiseit may end up as ugly and uncomfortable as the Zapper.

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