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Fallout 3 p
Posted by newsbot on April 21st 2008

You should be able to tell by now that we already love howFallout 3is shaping up. It’s grim and visceral, keeping close to the good sourcematerial and barely dealing with the lamentable spin-offs that laterruined the Fallout name. The best thing of all though is that we’ve barely scratched the surfaceof the game – in fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Alphabuild of the game which is growing by the second. The ending, which isdesigned on the same branching model as in the first games, has grownfurther now too so that there are now around 500 endings on offer. You may think that that is too many endings. You may be right. Ifthat’s your line of thinking though then the people you should feelsorry for are the Xbox 360 Gamerscore addicts like Jamie – Pete reckonsit’ll take at least three or four playthroughs to get all theachievements on offer. And yeah, that does sound daunting – but personally I can’t wait togive it a shot.

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