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rock Xtreme 770 X9000-8800 gaming notebook
Posted by newsbot on April 17th 2008

Honestly, my feelings about the rock Xtreme 770 are a bitmixed. On theone hand, the Xtreme 770 offers very good gaming performance,application performance and comes with some nice extras and a goodwarranty. Even the bag that comes bundled with the laptop is nice,though the laptop itself is quite heavy—but that’s to be expected. On the other hand though, the battery life won’t let you even getthrough one two hour film and I still feel that the concept of a gaminglaptop is one that hasn’t been explored properly yet. Just because itdoesn’t have a separate monitor, keyboard and speakers doesn’t meanthat this 17-inch beast suddenly becomes portable!In the end, for me, it’s the gaming performance and overall feel of theXtreme 770 that makes this laptop a winner – this is a machine whichfeels good to use and some obvious care and attention has obviouslygone into the design. rock has even spaced out the USB ports so you canfit multiple devices in without making it a squeeze. The laptop as awhole feels good to use and the gaming performance, while maybe not asgood as we had hoped, is more than enough for modern gaming. It may be expensive and many bit-tech readers may guffawand pledge continued, undying loyalty to their desktop machines, butthe reality is that the rock Xtreme 770 is a very tempting piece of kitand more than capable of any task you might care to throw at it.

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