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Unboxing the Asus Eee PC 900
Posted by newsbot on April 15th 2008

Another cool feature is the Macbook Air-esque (I just diedinside)multi-touch trackpad, so you can use two fingers to zoom and scroll.While the scroll works in everything, the zoom function is currentlylimited to Works, StarSuite 8 and Adobe Reader.There's also a new OS option:Windows XP Home. That will make the extramemory and storage evaporate, although it is now open to a wealth ofother software and more immediately familiar to non-Linux users.Included in the package are Microsoft Works, Intervideo DVD XPack andSun StarSuite (databases, spreadsheet, presentation, illustration andword processing– basically a “slim” Microsoft Office). The problem with the XP versionis that despite the larger screen resolution, you still have to scrollup and down the desktop - that's not ideal.The 20GB Linux model pictured below should retail for £329 in the UK,which is only a modest increase in price considering the advantages.Our resident games expert, Joe, recently spent £250 on an Eee PC and isnow regretting it – the extra screen room makes a huge difference andthe added storage is a definite boon. The Windows XP version will onlyship with 12GB of hard drive space but will retail for the same price.Because of this, we'd absolutely suggest buying the Linux version andthen shoehorning XP into the 20GB model.

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