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Frontlines:Fuel of War
Posted by newsbot on March 23rd 2008

If I was to say that Frontlines:Fuel of War disappointed methen you¡¯d probably get the wrong idea, so I won¡¯t say that. But itkind of did. You see, Frontlines isn¡¯t a bad game at all. It¡¯s actually quite a good game.There¡¯s a good balance to everything and the game alwaysmakes it possible to salvage victory from the jaws of defeat if youhave a good understanding of where to put your tanks and helicopters.If you get a group of people working together then it can take on anenjoyably military feel, especially with the inclusion of artillery andairstrikes.However, with the history behind Frontlines of theboy-wonder modders who¡¯ve struck the big time, we have to admit we werehoping for something a little more interesting. Kaos Studios is adeveloper built on a team of amateur modders from outside the industry,so the logical if misplaced hope is that bringing them within theindustry could lead to a few interesting and new ideas. But that hasn¡¯t happened. Instead, the result is that Kaos has usedtheir knowledge of how games are played to create a well-balancedshooter. What they haven¡¯t really done is introduce any fundamentallynew ideas. There¡¯s nothing here to set Frontlines apart from any other game like it on the market ¨C infact, it feels very, very similar to Enemy Territory:Quake Warspretty much all the way through. So, while the game itself isn¡¯t flawedin any major way, it doesn¡¯t really do anything to stand out in thecrowd either.

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