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No More Heroes
Posted by newsbot on March 23rd 2008

No More Heroes is a game that really does thrive on surprisingplayers and it’s great to see a completely accessible game like thisthat manages to shock players without ever relying on shock tactics. It’s also one of the funniest and most entertaining games that we’veplayed on the Wii – it goes a long way to addressing the huge gapbetween decent Wii releases. Super Mario Galaxy was a long timeago now, so if you’ve been itching for something worthy to flail yourWiimote at then No More Heroes will certainly fit the bill.No More Heroes isn’t a perfect game at all and it has some veryidentifiable problems which occasionally put players off. Given thatthe appeal of the game lies in blind-siding the player with off-beathumour and wit, it also may not be suitable to everyone. And onceyou’ve got to grips with it then you may find it a tad tiresome ifyou’ve not got the same sense of humour as the writers. No More Heroes is an excellent example of how an eccentriccharacter design and storyline can compensate for some technicalfailings though and the combination of bizarre characters and strikingpresentation really do make the mini-games and such a minor concern atbest. If you’ve been looking for a more adult game to play on your Wiithen No More Heroes should come highly recommended.

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