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Hard to be a God
Posted by newsbot on March 11th 2008

Still, the combinations of poor graphics and an unwieldytargetingsystem that requires all targeting to be pixel-perfect andcamera-relative do seriously detract from the game. The fact that thevast majority of the dialogue is completely ancillary and the narrativeis poorly introduced doesnít really help much either. The gameís also more than a little repetitive and having to wade intoone fight after another does make things feel a little samey and drearyafter the first hour or two Ė the game is most assuredly combat focusedfor the most part and thereís only so much sword-swinging anyone can dobefore they want to sit down and solve things peaceably. Basically, it comes down to this; if youíre a big fan of the Strugatskynovels or you just want something a little bit predictable to play thenHard to be a GodIf hacking and slashing isnít your bag though then youíll probably wantto look elsewhere for your whinging deities Ė itís not that the game isespecially may just be the ticket for you. With presentation this awful itís alsohighly likely that the game will be dropping in price fairly quicklytoo, so you may be able to snag it cheaply if you wait a little bit. bad,just that itís like a meal of mediocrity Ė with a side-salad ofugliness and poor spelling. The basics of the game all work, but neverwow and if the Earth took God seven days to make then this probablytook him less than seven minutes.

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