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Dark Messiah:Might and Magic Elements
Posted by newsbot on March 10th 2008

Up until now it’s mostly been pretty good news for Dark Messiah– not fantastic news perhaps, but good enough. However, there are stilla few little problems with Dark Messiah that might prevent itfrom reaching the loftiest of heights. For starters, the game is just a little bit buggy and laggy at times.We never had our Xbox 360 crash, but there were more than a few timeswhen we had clipping bugs and ended up underneath the ground. Theframerate would regularly plunge too, getting stuttery whenever therewas a bit too much going on on-screen – like the first time you face aCyclops. The framerate problems are probably the biggest issue we’d have with DarkMessiah:Elementstoo and framerate drops are something I honestly just can’t tolerate ona console game. When you are aiming for specific hardware then there’sno excuse to let your game get into a framerate dropping scenario.Aside from that, the game’s major fault is that despite the changes andtweaks it doesn’t actually do all that much above and beyond the PCversion – it’s just rebalanced and with a few new levels slapped in.There’s nothing wrong with that at all—Dark Messiah:Elements isperfectly alright—but it was never going to bowl us over, not with theengine starting to show its age.

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