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The Club (PC)
Posted by newsbot on March 09th 2008

Basically, The Club is still, after all, a Marmite game. Evenon the PC, you'll either love it or hate it.So the question is not one of whether the PC version is better or notthan the console version. That's a moot point:apart, perhaps, fromslightly shinier graphics, the console and PC versions are identical.The pertinent question, then, is whether the PC version has a place inour hearts. That's where we get to the problem. You see, The Club is a console game through and through.You keep getting reminders of this when you're asked to press the Abutton to continue. The mouse control should be better than a consolegamepad, but it never feels that way. The game always seems to be afraction of a second behind your mouse, and never quite where you wantit to be.That's the major problem with the PC version of The Club – theone extra, main advantage that the PC platform may afford you has beenlost because the game was clearly designed for Xbox 360 first. TheClub is clearly a port and not a remake for a differentplatform, and that is a bit of shame. Having that extra-precise control could have made us prefer the game onPC over any other platform, but that control system isn't implementedthat well and the PC version doesn't really best the Xbox 360 orPlayStation 3 versions.

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