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Phase III scratch built case mod
Posted by newsbot on March 05th 2008

I know, cubes aren't exactly 100 percent original - but they'restillone of the most popular and yet least done builds - and the smallerthey get, the less of them you see. I'm sure a part of that is due tothe difficulties inherent in fitting everything, as the cube shapealmost requires the motherboard to be in only one of two places - flaton one of the faces (and facing inwards), or dissecting the middle.The first idea is fairly boring and straight-forward. Take a normalcase and give it a little extra width, and you're done! All the goodsgo on one side, the motherboard's back faces out and that's it. Dissecting the case with the motherboard to put it on display isanother thing entirely, though. Suddenly, there's a challenge in howsmall you can get the cube and still fit everything you need - a DVDdrive, HDD and PSU get to be harder to fit. By the time you addmultiple hard drives, card readers, LCD display and watercoolingcomponents, you get quite a challenge indeed.It's this challenge that initially attracted Chris Cook (aka cc3d onour forums) to design and build

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