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Conflict:Denied Ops
Posted by newsbot on March 04th 2008

There are some glimmers of hope to be had with Conflict:DeniedOps.If you can get past the graphics, cardboard cut-out story, wonkyphysics (a shotgun blast pokes a tiny hole in plywood, butrifle-butting a door will splinter it out of the frame?!) anddisjointed, confused gameplay then there is an semi-enjoyably mindlessshooter here. Maybe. Crippling Conflict:Denied Ops though is that the competition is composed offar better, cheaper games. It comes down to this. When I was at university I・d occasionally dipinto my student loan on a slow week and go trawling the bargain bins atmy local GameStation with a fiver in hand. I knew that the games I wasbuying would most likely turn out to be awful, but I・d buy them anywaybecause they・d fulfil my need for a cheap, forgettable game to whileaway the time between thinking about starting my dissertation andforgetting to start my dissertation. Conflict:Denied Ops is about on par with those old bargain bingames from three years ago. It ranks next to games like Stolen,Project I.G.I and Aikens Artifact. There are people out there who・ll disagree with me and who・ll claim adeep love for Denied Ops V but these are the type of people who claim that theoriginal Evil Dead is the best film ever made and they shouldbe discounted completely. Don・t listen to them; listen to me and waituntil Denied Ops drops into the bargain bins if you must playit at all.

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