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Beautiful Katamari (European Release)
Posted by newsbot on March 01st 2008

The unique approach taken to the art design and game premisefor Beautiful Katamariis equally fascinating and entertaining. There’s a real sense that anenormous amount of effort went in to creating this weirdly attractiveand colourful world, as well as making the game as accessible andappealing as possible.Unfortunately, that effort has always been properly targeted and thereis some scar tissue that mars the brilliance ofBeautiful Katamari.Multiplayer and co-op especially are a little lack lustre and, whilemultiplayer suffers mainly from a lack of imagination, co-op gaming isjust an exercise in frustration. Two people controlling one ball justdoesn’t work. There’s also a huge amount of dialogue to wade through, mainly from theKing and having him pop up and dominate the screen in the middle of thegame is just plain stupid and requires players to forego Katamaricontrol to dismiss him. The dialogue itself is witty, peculiar andpleasant enough not to offend, but we question why the text speech isoverlaid with horrible scratching sounds that slowly irritated us morethan needles stuck in our teeth. The lack of autosave is a frankly massive oversight too and one by onewe each fell victim to this omission, abandoning unsaved content bymistake. Beautiful Katamari is a fun game and one that pretty much everyfamily would do well to have in their household as it’ll effortlesslywoo and seduce any and all onlookers into playing it. Small children,parental non-gamers and the hardcore PC-playing master race – all willbe rolled up in Beautiful Katamari’s wake. The game itself isfar from perfect though and there are numerous flaws that, while neverdestroying the fun of the game, so occasionally mar it.

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