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Gigabyte's GA-EP35-DS4 motherboard
Posted by newsbot on February 25th 2008

All things considered, even though the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4performsvery well and fits well into a price niche we can't really recommend itĘC its only advantage over the significantly cheaper GA-EP35-DS3R isCrossFire, and it screws that up so much with its subpar layout that itbecomes a net feature loss, not a gain. If you really want CrossFire,get the MSI P35 Platinum because it not only keeps up with the DS4 inall areas, it has a better layout and costs around 25 percent less!TheMSI P35 Platinum shows that it can not only match the EP35 power savingefforts, without needing funky software, but it's also been doing sosince June last year. In addition, the Gigabyte solution doesn't adjustthe front side bus and auto-overclock under load, like the Asus EPU. Ithink it's a great effort from Gigabyte ĘC we're always massively infavour of energy efficiency, but the current system needs to be greatlyrefined.Unfortunately the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 doesn't do itfor us, but don't discount the whole EP35 range, because we'd certainlygive the GA-EP35-DS3R some serious attention instead.

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