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Cooler Master Cosmos S
Posted by newsbot on February 23rd 2008

The Cooler Master Cosmos S is an attractive and sleek case thatlookseven better than the standard Cosmos, holding its own in the higher endof the market when it comes to look. If the Antec P182 is just a littletoo plain for your tastes then the Cosmos S is an acceptable compromisebetween that and a Cooler Master Stacker 830 Custom.Looking at the Cosmos as a whole, itís clear to see that the re-designhas mainly focused on improving the look and accessibility of thechassis rather than making the fan cooling capabilities more powerful.Thatís a mixed blessing obviously, but to us the benefits of thisdoor-less and funkier design (that looks great in champagne grey)outweighs the unimproved fan cooling. It's also worth bearing in mindthat the Cosmos S seems more aimed at watercoolers too Ė thereís roomfor a self contained radiator and so forth in the top.Simply put, the Cosmos S isnít the best case weíve ever seen and thereare other chassisí out there that can outpunch it in most areas Ė butwe like the overall aesthetic and, if youíre a watercooler, it could beseen as great value for money (especially compared to the SilverstoneTJ-07). However, when you consider that the Cosmos S is 25 percent morethan the original Cosmos and doesnít improve cooling performance, youhave to ask whether that extra cost is worth it. We love the thoughtthat has gone into the caseís design and some will definitely see valuein the improvements madeóespecially on the watercooling frontóbut itísnot for every man and his dog.

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