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Advergaming and Other Horror Stories
Posted by newsbot on February 21st 2008

Virtual worlds are also a popular target for advertisers. In SecondLifea number of companies have purchased land within the game to establisha permanent presence. You can buy products from retailers like Nike andAmazon. Apparently Starwoods Hotels and Resorts built a digital replicaof a hotel they were planning to build in real life to see the reactionfrom people. You have to wonder about this logic though – if companiesthink they can garner useful information from people's online choicesthey may be in for a nasty shock, after all, gaming is about escapismand most people frequently do things in games that they would never doin real life.There are all sorts of fantastical predictions about the amount of adspending there will be in future games, but so far despite claims itwill reach $2 billion by 2011 it remains far short of this target.There's a suggestion that this revenue could be worth $1 per game topublishers – which is certainly enough to catch their attention. StillI think I'd be willing to spend an extra $1 on the game to get itwithout advertising. Personally I don't mind advertising when it'sbundled into something free as they have to pay for it somehow but whenyou are already paying a premium price for something it’s cheeky tojust bombard your customers with adverts regardless.

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