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Penumbra:Black Plague
Posted by newsbot on February 20th 2008

Black Plague is a radically different game to Overturein terms of pacing and style, but at the same time in manages toincorporate many of the same themes and plot elements. In truth, Black Plague feels more like a professionally produced game, forboth better and worse. While Overture was a decidedly indieeffort that seemed to thrive on its rough edges and unusual delivery, BlackPlague is a game that has a more shiny, refined and polished feel to itall the way through.It’s clear that Frictional has taken on board some of the majorcomplaints about the games too – Penumbra:Black Plagueintroduces collectable items to extend replayability, more solutions topuzzles along with characters and narrative that are more fully fleshedout and realised.On the down side, like many professional games, the ending feels a bitrushed and those parts that still reek of indie stand out now as beingall the rougher against the polish of the majority. Still, we reckon there’s a good five or six hours of chilling, puzzlinggaming in here and the price isn’t likely to break the bank. With anintriguing mix of ideas and a stunning presentation and design thatdoesn’t at all hint at the diminutive two-man team behind the series, Penumbra:Black Plagueis easily the most impressive break-out game of recent years andbelongs in the catalogue of every hardcore gamer who prides himself onhis cult-games collection. It's not for everyone - hence my hours ofwrestling over whether it's an eight or a nine – but it is superbly puttogether despite the flaws and deserves mentions as another laudableeffort from the diminutive team at Frictional Games.

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