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PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS 512MB
Posted by newsbot on February 18th 2008

AMD's partnershaven't been afraid to play around with the Radeon HD 3850 to createcards that mix things up a bit – that's exactly what PowerColor hasdone here with its Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS 512MB card. First andforemost, there's the clock speed increase, which takes this card tosomewhere right in between the standard Radeon HD 3850 and Radeon HD3870 cards at a price that's competitive. Not only that, but the cardhave twice as much video memory on-board—something that this class ofcard can definitely benefit from in many scenarios.And then there are the display output options. While they're not to mypersonal tastes as an avid multi-monitor user, they are different andit gives the user a choice on the market. That said, I can't help butfeel PowerColor should have at least indicated that the card featuresnative HDMI (instead of dual DVI) on the box, because from looking atthe packaging alone, one would assume the card comes with dual DVI anda DVI-to-HDMI adapter. Clearly, that isn't the case though.In terms of competition for the PowerColor Radeon HD 3850 Xtreme PCS512MB, there is currently Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GS 384MB, which hitsroughly the same price point. This provides adequate competition forthe Radeon HD 3850—it's faster in some cases, but quite a bit slower inothers—but for the time being I'd probably opt for the Radeon HD 3850with 512MB of vRAM. Those of you that follow the industry closely willsurely know what's coming soon though, and we'll be answering thatquestion when the time comes.PowerColor's factory-overclocked Radeon HD 3850 is a good buy at under£120 (inc. VAT) if you can live with the different display outputconfiguration but, in saying that, I can't help but feel like I'mrepeating myself over and over at the moment. I guess that's becausethe mid-range has never been as strong as it is today – there are justso many good purchases out there and that means it's a good time to bea PC gamer building a new system.

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