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Posted by newsbot on February 17th 2008

Universe at War:Earth Assault isn’t going to be to the likingof all RTS buffs and those who prefer historically themed or moreserious flavours of strategy games will most likely have already foundthe way out. However, Universe at War does have some excellentlybalanced gameplay going for it and the interface is beautifully setout, proving always helpful and never a hindrance. Does the game have problems? Certainly. The graphics in cutscenes are abit lacklustre, the game did prove to be very CPU intensive when wegathered a lot of units together on screen and at times even our newmighty gaming rig had to suffer a bit of slow down and the field ofview is quite limited too. In fact, the FOV is probably the biggestproblem – not being able to zoom out very far really limits thetactical options available to players when the larger robots or HabitatWalkers lumber on-screen.That said though, Universe at War has a lot going for it,so if you can look past the campy B-movie plot and stomach somesemi-awful voice acting then you may be pleasantly surprised at whatyou find beneath the rubble.

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