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Condemned 2:Bloodshot - Hands-on
Posted by newsbot on February 14th 2008

Condemned 2 is looking like a fantastic looking game which, asyou can see from the screenshots, doesn’t pull any punches when itcomes to trying to creep out players. This is definitely a game foradult audiences only and the game is stuffed to the brim with filthyinsults, blood and brutal, unrestrained fisticuffs. However, it’s also got a cleverly delivered story in there too, both ona character-based and plot-based level. In terms of the seriesstoryline Condemned 2will see a whole lot of the mystery cleared up and Ethan will start topiece together the fragments and figure out what is happening to theworld around him. Meanwhile, players will get deeply involved inEthan’s personal struggles and see him battle against the loss of hissanity and come to terms with his alcoholism. Certain additions to the gamestyle don’t sit too well with us – such ashow the HUD will exclaim your combos, ruining the sense of immersionand horror, but there’s still a lot to like about the game. Justlooking at some of those screenshots is scary enough and the game isdefinitely one of the gutsiest thrillers we’ve ever played – justsitting through the opening cutscene is like having scorpions crawlingup your legs! Clearly horror and thriller fans are going to have atleast one game to look forward to this year.

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