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An interview with Thomas Vu
Posted by newsbot on February 14th 2008

BT:You also worked on The Sims 2, which obviously has amassive appeal with girl gamers. Do you think you’ll get the samesuccess with Spore?TV:Well, we hope so. Evolution is a topic which isn’t reallygender-based or relevant in the way The Sims was. If you think about The Sims then it was veryrelevant in terms of what…well, everyone knows what a bathtub does andwhat a cooker does. With Sporethough, it’s a little harder to make the gameplay relevant to people,but the core ideas behind it would appeal (we think) to female gamerstoo.The idea of customisation, sandbox gameplay – the idea of makingsomething, putting something into a world and then just seeing whathappens. All the social networking tools in the game, the sharing ofcontent is all very much like The Sims, but taken a lot further.It’s hard to say though. We hope it’ll do well, but we’re waiting andseeing. We’re definitely taking into consideration things likedifficulty levels for different markets. Like for the creator systems –it’s likely that a lot of females will just want to make things and noteven play the game. They might enjoy just sharing it with others.

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