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Posted by newsbot on February 13th 2008

I actually got a chance to speak to some of the marketingpeople recently and I quizzed them about the future of SporeĖ pressing on whether we could expect to see a slew of new content onshelves soon after release. The reply was a stark awakening to thebrilliant reality of Spore in that I was treated to a kind of ďIdonít knowĒ answer and an explanation of how that wouldnít work with Spore.You see, in The Sims, new items canít be easily created and theexpansions can consist mainly of new furniture and so forth. In Sporethat doesnít hold true and the future of the game seems to be groundedmore in adding new tools to the game through expansions Ė ways toexport and import creatures to Photoshop or Maya 3D. Itís not enough tosimply give people a new building or two, because those can always bemade by the community. To me, this attitude perfectly expresses how important Spore will be. Frankly though, even if the game doesnít prove to be as redefining as Ithink it will be, then itís still shaping up to be a fantastic game andclearly shows how even the most complex of tasks can be accomplishedwith enough persistence. Spore does have flaws in some regards and itís plainly obviousthat most players arenít going to enjoy parts of the game. Personally,while I loved everything from the Creature Stage onwards, I did findthe first part of the gameóthe Cell Stageóto be a little tiresome andpointless. Iíve nothing against simple arcade styled games at all, butthere are titles that do that better than Spore. Sporeís strength though lies in that the game overcomes thepersonal loves and hates of certain people and frees players uptotally. You can do almost anything you want with the tools on offerhere and the game is totally open to let players skip to the parts theywant. If all you want is the micromanagement and sense of control thenCivilisation Stage is there for you from the get-go.

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