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Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator headset
Posted by newsbot on February 09th 2008

The Razer Piranha is a worthy follow-up to the Razer Barracuda insomeregards, though not in others. While the sound performance is clearlyabove-average at worst and the design is interesting to look at, myexperience with the Piranhas turned out to be almost as painful as anencounter with some Pygocentrus nattereri. The other insurmountable problem to get over with the Piranhas is thestaggering cost of the headset – £53.39 in the UK or $69.99 in the US!At those prices, I’d personally demand a little bit more than thePiranha is offering. When it comes down it, the Piranha is a half-decent headset withexcellent bark, but awful bite and if you’re wondering why I’m using adog-based metaphor instead of a fish-based one then I’m afraid I can’treally offer an adequate explanation – maybe something fishy is goingon...

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