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Devil May Cry 4
Posted by newsbot on February 07th 2008

All of this makes itpretty damn hard to score.On the one hand there’s a good game. On the other hand there’s anenjoyable movie. Both are passable on their own if you’re into thosetypes of things, but fusing them together has ruined both.Is Devil May Cry 4 fun to play? Yes, it is. I enjoyplaying it. I like cutting my way through baddies and collecting demonblood, expanding my character and waging a one-man war. I’ve even cometo appreciate the anime-styled presentation, floppy hair and big swords– it’s not something I’m proud of, but Castlevania will do thatto a man. Because the cutscenes get in the way of the game and vice versa though,the whole unfortunate mess is bought tumbling down. Boiled down to its core; the stark reality is that no matter what thefanboys say, Devil May Cry 4is just a game of two decent, but unremarkable halves being addedtogether. Sure, there’s a decent romp in there if you want it and thegame has plentiful cleavage and blood – but if you’re after a game inwhich you can invest your time then there’s other titles in this genrethat can deliver more.

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