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NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams
Posted by newsbot on February 04th 2008

Once you get past the frankly unusable Wii remote controlmethod, NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams is an enjoyable enough game, althoughit doesn't really bring anything new to the table.It will take between five and six hours to complete the game with bothcharacters, and while there's some replay value in trying to unlock thesecret levels, there really isn't enough to keep you coming back. Toomany of the levels follow the same format, and those that deviate areoften boring and tedious, serving mainly to make the game worse, notbetter.Innovations and tweaks that could have made the game that little bitbetter, such as NiGHTS' additional abilities, the Wii control method oronline play, are fumbled and at best seem tacked on. At worst they makethe game unplayable. In reality, the game could probably have done withanother six months development time, to spend some extra time with thelevel design, control and online play.Younger players may enjoy the sometime frenetic pace and brightcolours. Fans of the original may want to indulge in a nostalgia fest.As for everyone else, I'd suggest you rent or borrow the game firstbefore you commit your hard-earned cash – otherwise NiGHTS might just put you to sleep.

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