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Tomb Raider:Underworld p
Posted by newsbot on February 01st 2008

One of the biggest changes to the game however has been at amuch morefundamental level – the structure of the levels themselves. In the past, Tomb Raider has been like most games of thegenre – run, gun, puzzle, solution, run, gun. Wash, rinse, and thenrepeat. Levels are structured to be extremely linear and Lara mustovercome puzzles in a specific order. Underworld changes that, harnessing what the developers arecalling a new multi-level approach to the puzzles. The new structure is simple; there are fewer levels—only about eightapparently when we saw the game in action—but those levels are much,much larger and complex. It isn’t like Legend where Lara isalways moving forwards, it’s much more like the St. Francis’ Follylevel in Anniversary.The solutions to puzzles are often more than just a room away andaren’t just limited to grabbing the right coloured key. Puzzles requirethought, understanding and a close attention to the story.

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