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Pirates of the Burning Sea
Posted by newsbot on January 30th 2008

Pirates of theBurning Sea is an odd kettle of fish. It’s prettyugly and mediocre to look at for the most part, but it does have acertain rugged appeal to the presentation. The control system and styleof combat is difficult to get to grips with and poorly explained, butrewarding nonetheless and worth a look. The quests too are flawed,proving dull for the most part but thrillingly epic if you want to getinto the spirit of it all. So, with how many contradictions, how are we supposed to judge a gameas massive and open as that of The Burning Sea. Reviewing anMMO is a challenge at the best of times and we’ve barelyscratched the surface of what’s on offer on these high seas.The final and ultimate test of any virtual world is the how populatedit is and that’s something that is hard to judge too, confined as weare to the early days of this particular game. However, it has to besaid that even to us the game looked like it had a good number ofplayers onboard. Better, since everybody always wants an excuse todress like a pirate, there were hardly any bright pink trolls runningaround calling each other n00bs. If that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what is. Pirates of the Burning Sea may be a little damaged by some flawsand contradictions in the game design, but the truth of the matter isthat there’s a little piece of eight buried somewhere inside and if youtake the time to uncover it then you may well find yourself an MMOworthy of your attention for at least a few months.

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