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Ghost Squad
Posted by newsbot on January 29th 2008

The gameplay is simple – each player, of which there can be upto four(though the ideal number is two), grabs a controller and goes for it.Your trigger finger shoots, the A button performs scripted actions suchas defusing bombs and shaking the controller reloads your gun. You can also use the D-Pad to change your firing mode but, to behonest, once you’ve found which mode you prefer then you’ll probablynot have to change it. Personally, I found the default three-roundburst was the most efficient, especially on the lower levels.There are only three levels in Ghost Squad – a tropicalvilla, Air Force One and a jungle encampment. In each level somebaddies have taken some hostages and it’s up to you as members of theGhost Squad to try and rescue them. The game tries to layer some plotand exposition over the top of this basic premise through cutscenes andnarration from the squad commander, but it’s all pretty superfluous.There are bad guys. You have a gun. That is all you need to know.

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