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Conflict:Denied Ops - hands on
Posted by newsbot on January 19th 2008

The PC game looked the worst of all, as if it had been washedout andreduced to a blander version of the original. At first we attributedthis to low settings or a dodgy screen, but a little prying when nobodywas looking revealed that everything was maxed out correctly. Theoptions menu boasted per-pixel lighting, HDR, high texture qualitiesand heat haze shaders – all toggled up to the highest settings. Yet, the PC version still looked a bit ropey despite the increasedframerate. In the end, it’s clear that Conflict:Denied Ops is asolid, if uninspired, shooter that has a few problems still holding itback. However, since these flaws mostly centre on the balancing withinthe game’s mechanics, they should prove relatively easy to fix beforethe game is released.Conflict:Denied Ops sets out to be a casual FPS game suitablefor light play and fun-times, not for hardcore appeal and longevity,and in that respect it’s very close to succeeding at what it sets outto do. If a casual FPS game is the type of thing you think you might beinterested in, or if you regularly find yourself having a few beers andflipping on the Xbox for some split screen fun, then Conflict:Denied Ops may well be a game you want to keep an eye on.

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