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Cranium Kabookii
Posted by newsbot on January 19th 2008

It’s quite hard to know what to make of Cranium Kabookiibecause, while to my mind it is clearly the best third-party party gameavailable for the Wii, it’s not strikingly awesome on its own. The mini games themselves range from inventive and fun to derived anddamningly difficult – though they do mostly edge towards the former,thankfully. Games like Cloodle prove themselves to be fairlyfun and repeatable and Cranium Kabookii is a game with acertain amount of replayability because of that.  However,at the same time, the game is full of wasted potential and gameplaythat’s too simple, often seemingly rewarding players arbitrarily.Despite the colourful, vibrant presentation the game also fails toprovide anything that is suitably engaging visually. The developerswould have done a lot better to simply recreate the board from theboard game rather than to feature coloured tokens. All of the above is forgivable for the most part though – what isn’tthough is the extremely limited scope for play. You can only play CraniumKabookiiif you have four people with you and, even then, you can only play themain game mode. There’s nothing to unlock and the options don’t evenlet you alter the difficulty of the game. The result is a game which,while fun, could quickly get old for many and which seems to jumpbetween too hard and too easy a bit too much. If you’ve got a group of people with a wide range of ages and arelooking for a multiplayer game that kids can manage then CraniumKabookii is just what you’d want to look at buying.If you want something a little more flexible and adult-aimed thoughthen you’d be better off keeping your wallet in your pocket.

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