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Scythe Ninja Copper 6 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler
Posted by newsbot on January 18th 2008

The new Ninja, which is simply dubbed as the Ninja Copper orSCNJ-CU1000 for the technical geek, is upon us. The Ninja Cu, as we willcall it, is built identically like the older Ninja but made of Copper.Obviously! About 90% of the cooler is made of copper except the bolts thathold the heat pipes in place and the bottom aluminum thick fins that areattached atop the base. And being made of copper it is obvious this coolerwill be heavy and it is a whooping 1015 grams of copper. We all know theperformance will be there with the Ninja but if you don't act soon you maymiss out on getting one as the Ninja Cu is a limit run anniversary model.And we would like to thank Scythe for sending it over to us. Now lets getwith the reviewing.

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