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AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition
Posted by newsbot on January 17th 2008

From the results, if you can get 2.6GHz+ from one it shouldscalewonderfully, however given the problems AMD seems to be having withscaling its retail CPUs means it looks like getting a good chip is verymuch luck of the draw. And it could turn out to be an expensive mistakeif you consider that every Intel Core 2-based CPU we've ever used haseasily achieved 3GHz.We'd love to have some solid competition and choice again,especially for us enthusiasts but it unfortunately just doesn't look tobe the case. What we risk is the current price difference between Q6600and Q6700 - more than double for an extra 266MHz. That's only becausethe Phenom 9600 loosely relates to the performance of the Core 2 QuadQ6600 and Intel wants to be super-competitive.With Penryn CPUs literally just weeks away - more specifically, the newdual core Wolfdales, which should be positively bursting withpotential, a wise investment for your hard earned cash would be tostill overclock an Intel processor.

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