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Getting the most out of your Eee PC
Posted by newsbot on January 15th 2008

I've been using the device fairly heavily for a few of weeksnow andoverall I've been really impressed with it. It's light, small andsturdy and has a great feature set for its price. It seems perfect fortrain journeys, with its quick boot up time and almost precisely theright size for sitting on chair-back tables seen on planes and trains.Not even my old X-series ThinkPad could manage that.One man's meat is another man's poison, and certainly many people willbe put off by the 800 x 480 display resolution and lack of Bluetooth.Word on the street is that the new Eee PC will sport a higherresolution screen, and as much as I'm now used to the smaller screen –most websites are designed for 1024x768 screens, so this will be awelcome addition. The keyboard is a little tricky to get used to, andeven now I constantly find myself pressing “up” instead of “shift”, and“2” instead of “1”. But for around £220, it still offers amazing valuein my eyes.The operating system is based on Xandros Desktop 4, which is in turnbased on Debian Etch. Asus has changed a few things in the install, soit's not 100 percent compatible with Xandros, but it's very close. Ifyou're a bit of a Linux fan, you might feel like just wiping the driveand installing EeeXubuntu, or Eeedora. However, I like to think of theEee PC as a single function device, rather than a fully-fledged PC.It's got an OS that is designed specifically for that hardware, and itworks well. Changing to a different OS is a recipe for lots offiddling, slower performance and a much greater chance of things goingwrong.As new updates come out, they are rolled out using “Add/RemoveSoftware”. As Asus knows the OS is identical on all their machines, itmakes rolling out such updates a lot easier – this has already pushedout an update for Skype 2.0 during my time using the Eee PC.The OS built into the Eee PC feels a lot like using a Psion device –simple and speedy. You can get a virtual tour of the OS here.With FireFox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice installed as standard, I feelright at home as this combination of software is what I would be usingon any Windows or Linux platform. The OS isn't perfect though, so in this article I'll be showing you afew of the things I've changed to make the Eee PC feel more like a MePC.

View article at bit-tech.net

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