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Sam and Max:Moai Better Blues
Posted by newsbot on January 12th 2008

The main problem with Sam & Max Season Two:Moai BetterBlues is one of length. No matter what others may tell you, length is everything and with thegame only lasting two or three hours, the fun is over just as you'restarting to get into the game. This was a problem with Season One and it's still a problem with Season Two.I suppose it's not really a criticism as such, more testament to thequality of the game that you don't really want it to end when it does.There's a trade-off to be made between the episodic nature of the gameand length of the game though, and this time the episodic argument won.DespiteTelltale Games having made some changes to the games based on userfeedback, the main niggle still exists:Sam still walks like he shouldbe using a walking stick. While it is possible to make him run, thisdoesn't work on every screen and more often than not, you're lefttwiddling your thumbs while Sam ambles from one side of the screen tothe next.Sam & Max:Moai Better Blues is still an adventure game atheart, and as such doesn't really bring anything new to the genre, butit still shines on so many levels that you're willing to overlook thefew flaws. If you're really bothered about the length then youcould always grab the seasonpack in a few months time. Telltale Games are to be applauded for both showing us at the adventuregame isn't dead and that episodic gaming can be successful. Ultimately,its biggest flaw is also its biggest advantage:the game is shortenough to be enjoyable but not so long that it drags on.

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