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Asus EAH3870 TOP
Posted by newsbot on January 07th 2008

This is the closest that an AMD/ATI-based graphics card has gottocompeting with Nvidia at the same price point for some time now, butthere are still cases where even this factory overclocked Radeon HD3870 from Asus disappoints me a bit. It pains me to say that becausethe Radeon HD 3870 is a truly fantastic product that we are big fans ofat bit-tech.The penalty for enabling anti-aliasing is the single most disappointingdownside and in particular I’m referring to 4xAA performance comparedto what else is on the market at the same price. We’re now in 2008 andone would hope that a performance mainstream graphics card is able tocope with 4xAA enabled at respectable settings and resolutions in mostgames. Of course, Crysisis an exception to this rule (and probably will be for some time tocome), but there are still times where the performance drop is muchlarger than what we’re used to seeing on ATI-based graphics cards ofdays gone by.On the whole though, the card looks to be a great choice as long asAsus meets its suggested retail price and that you also know about thesometimes extreme AA performance penalty. However, our suggestion wouldbe to look at one of the cheaper Radeon HD 3870s on the market, pocketthe difference and then dabble in a bit of overclocking. We say thisbecause although the Asus EAH3870 TOP gets close to a similarly pricedGeForce 8800 GT, it never really matches it in every scenario.

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