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OCZ Vendetta
Posted by newsbot on December 23rd 2007

For the size, theOCZ Vendetta is exceptionally capable, providing yourun the fan at full speed. If you're anything like us, that'll justdrive you nuts, however it seems that some in our community have agreater tolerance to these things so it could suit them well. Using theincluded 4-pin connector on the fan works well, providing yourmotherboard has the facility to use it – although you can still swap itfor any 92mm of choice and take the performance hit. However, does thecost of an extra 92mm fan on top of this heatsink simply equate to abigger heatsink altogether?The attention to detail, like the rubber fan mounts and pitted fins, isexcellent. In addition to its great build quality and because it'ssmaller than most heatsinks we’ve seen recently, it should easily fitmore restrictive boards as well. It's a great replacement for the stockIntel heatsink but some might not be sure if it's worth £5 more thanthe Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro which, at the same noise level, shouldperform fairly similarly to the Vendetta.

View article at bit-tech.net

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