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Dear TV:Please Get Your Act Together
Posted by newsbot on December 22nd 2007

Picture yourself as a new gamer. You just bought a Wii. You’rewillingto buying more games for it, but how do you know what’s good? You’renot actively pursuing the idea of buying a new game, because your lifewas perfectly fine before you even bought the console – but you’re opento it. Maybe you’ll check on the Internet, but you don’t know the differencebetween IGN and wiidudesftwlol.com. You don’t have a brand you cantrust. You see a commercial on the TV for a new game. Crammed into afifteen second spot, it all looks a bit complicated. Better to stick toWii Sports, eh? End.The one thing that TV is better than the Internet at is positioning. TVinvented Prime Time. Sure, the net has advert placement, but nothingbeats having a glowing box in your living room that mercilessly plays aparticular kind of programme with a particular kind of advertisementsat a particular time of day without your consent. You just give in toit. Yes, TV has options, but they’re still incredibly limited comparedto the net. On the whole, the TV audience just accepts it.

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