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[News] ASUS Xonar U1 USB Audio Station
Posted by newsbot on December 19th 2007

In particular, laptop/notebook users have often been out of luck inthis respect. Most laptops do not come with 5.1 outputs (much less 5.1digital output) and the internal sound options usually aren't upgradeable.Thus, those who have wanted a professional sound option for their laptopshave usually be left less-than-satisfied. ASUS wants to change all of thatwith their new XONAR U1 Audio Station. This USB soundcard aims to providehigh quality Dolby Digital audio as well as EAX and DirectSound 3D supportfor systems where other sound upgrades aren't an option. A slew of otherfeatures is also provided - let's see if the Xonar can deliver on all ofthis.

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