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Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II Chipset Cooler
Posted by newsbot on December 18th 2007

Personally, I feel that the only time you should ever have to worryabout Northbridge temperature is while overclocking. I've never had a bigproblem with NB temps while overclocking, but I'm not really into theextreme stuff. Even with the passive heatpipe cooling, you really shouldhave additional active cooling, such as a fan blowing directly on theradiators, if you are pushing your system to its limits. What we need is anactive NB heatpipe cooler that can do the job silently, efficiently, andwith a fan that will last. The guys at Thermaltake have taken care of thisproblem with their new NB cooler, the Extreme Spirit II, an actively cooledheatpipe cooler for your Northbridge. Let's see if it will give me somepeace of mind in the NB department.

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