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AMD's Phenom processors
Posted by newsbot on December 13th 2007

The bottomline is that AMD's Phenom processors are currently tooexpensive and don't perform well enough to offer serious competitionfor Intel's quad-core processors. With the low clock speeds, AMD needsapplications that make use of multiple cores to show off the benefitsbut, as most real consumer applications are single threaded (or maybeoccasionally dual-core optimised), there aren't any real benefits toPhenom in its current state. The situation has completely reversed from back in the day when it wasIntel's Pentium 4 versus AMD's Athlon 64 -- AMD's Phenom processors areoutperformed almost right across the board, and this is especially thecase in gaming and single-threaded tests where the processors lack rawMegaHertz. That said, I almost hope consumers will buy them, just tomake sure that there's still a market left for us enthusiasts in thefuture.

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