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Frontlines:Fuel of War hands-on p
Posted by newsbot on December 12th 2007

Unless youplay at a higher level, most Unreal Tournament 3 and Team Fortress 2games are actually quite casual and rarely require use of a microphoneor regular communication – unless you suspect there’s a spy in yourmidst.Frontlines, like Quake Wars, isn’t built like that.Instead, it’s constructed so that players need to communicate if theywant to accomplish complex goals. It’s something to which the leveldesign is a heavily contributing factor as, in Frontlines,there is rarely any set path or route to follow. It’s an open world –players are given helicopters and tanks and told to do somethinghowever they want.The result is that everyone tries to pull in different directions,meaning that communication is essential. This doesn’t mean that Frontlines is a bad game, because I hadfun whilst playing it and, if nothing else that’s a great scale tomeasure a game by. It does mean that the experience (as opposed to thegameplay) isn’t as accessible as some games though – it targets itselfmuch more at someone who wants to really invest themselves in a game,creating clans and organising matches.If that’s the type of thing you find yourself doing often thenFrontlines could be right up your street. However, even then Frontlinesmay not be anything that is especially worth picking up as the game isreally quite generic and derivative. Again, it’s not that it’s thatbad; just that it doesn’t really take great strides forwards or haveanything that really sets it out from the crowd. If the competitionmanages to make even a small step beyond in terms of either technologyor game design then Frontlines could get left behind quite easily. A solid team-based shooter at its core, Frontlines suffersfrom a lack of accessibility and inspiration, but there is still plentyof time to go until release and the open beta is due to start soon.Shove those two ideas together and you realise that there’s still a lotof time for Frontlines to change and become something else – somethingworth shouting about.

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