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bit-tech :Super Mario Galaxy
Posted by newsbot on December 02nd 2007

Granted, that isn't a problem which immediately detracts fromthe quality of Galaxy,but it is a problem which will bother some of the grumpier gamers outthere (like myself) and will probably be pointed out by some of theXbox 360 and PS3 fanboys who populate the world.I suppose this criticism comes down to my original bite-sizedexplanation of the game; that it is essentially just SuperMario 64 in space. That’s not bad, because both Mario 64 and Galaxyitself are great games, but it is illustrative of a wider issue.Shoving those wider issues aside for a moment though, Super MarioGalaxyis a game which belongs in the collection of any Wii gamer. It’smassive world is one which can be either fully explored, probed andcompleted, or skipped through when the difficulty curve gets too steep.The new transformations and moves available to Mario are fun enough tokeep the game feeling slightly fresh even if it isn’t really that muchof a breakthrough and the levels themselves are complex and interestingenough to entertain anyone.The fact that it’s got the Super Mario name on it may putsome people off the game who think that Mario games are just for kids,but it really shouldn’t. Despite the cartoony and kiddy feel that thegame has on the surface there’s actually a wealth of longevity andreplayability hidden under the crust - Galaxy is a game whichwill keep hardcore and casual gamers entertained for hours and hours.

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