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bit-tech :Mass Effect
Posted by newsbot on December 01st 2007

It’s difficult not to use superlatives and become all effusivewhen writing about a game like Mass Effect, but in this case it’s welldeserved.I’m not saying that the game is perfect:it’s not, and there are stilla few little spanners in the works. The graphical glitches and awkwardload points aren’t major points, and it’s a testament to the quality ofthe game that I’m essentially forced to nitpick to find something wrongwith the game. Mass Effect is huge too, both in terms of the area the gamecovers and the amount of playing time. There are enough side quests andachievements to keep even the most obsessive gamer happy for a year andBioWare has said that once the main game is finished, it’s stillpossible to travel around the galaxy and visit other planets,completing side quests that you may have missed.Add on top of that the chance to replay the game with differentdialogue decisions and the additional episodic gaming that BioWare haspromised, and Mass Effectgoes from being a huge game to being a mind-cripplingly massive game.It’s the type of game which gives ‘100 percent Complete Perfectionists’nightmares.If BioWare manages to carry on the quality of the storytelling foranother two games, plus the interim episodes, it will have donesomething the likes of which hasn’t been seen in computer gamingbefore. If you are at all interested in video game storytelling orsimply want to play a Shooter/RPG which offers colossal replayabilitywithout becoming a grind-fest then buy Mass Effect. You won’t regret it.

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